Is there anything more terrifying?

13 03 2012


Just the very word evokes strong reactions of gut wrenching contortions in almost everyone who hears the word…


When the years start stacking up and you notice those little nags, bumps and lumps that weren’t there before it’s where your mind turns…


It’s the word your mind jumps to when the doctor calls and says that he needs you to schedule another visit after your test results come back…


It’s the word they use to describe that unwanted, treacherous, plotting and deadly individual on your team or in your company…


It’s one of the greatest equalizers in the world…it can strike or bring down the riches of Steve Jobs, the voice of a vocalist, or the warmth of your grandmother…


Our own tissues and living cells…destroying us from the inside out… I, like many others have some strong feelings about cancer. It’s touched my family and those that I’ve loved. I worry about it in my own life and in my immediate family’s lives. Even though all of that is true…the absolute worst cancer of them all has to be childhood cancer. The arcane and painful treatment regimens, the incessant visits of doctors and specialists, the way that life suddenly becomes serious and no fun, the loss of youthful vigor and energy, the innocence snuffed out before its time…by far…childhood cancer is the most insidious form of that dreadful disease. My company, NetApp, supports a great many charitable endeavors, but to me…the fight against childhood cancer is one of the ones I care most about. Although I have been blessed that none of my children have been touched by cancer, as a parent I still dread even the thought. It is for this reason that I support St. Baldrick’s. St. Baldrick’s is a foundation that raises money for the fight against childhood cancer. They do so by enlisting the help of volunteers who offer to be shaved for donations. The group brings fun, a purpose, and a symbolic brotherhood to the effort of raising money for fighting childhood cancer. This year, one of my team members has volunteered to be shaved at a St. Baldrick’s event and I’ve made a donation in his name to the cause. Will you join me and the many others in the fight to help end childhood cancer? If you can do so, please donate through this donation link.




One response

15 03 2012

This is a great cause. My oldest son grew his hair very long and donated it.

But, my heart and money go to Special Olympics and supporting our Team “Katy Wolf Pack” which gets no outside funding and is not part of any other support organization as in a school district, etc. In fact we now must pay for use of school facilities for practices. All support is only form parents, coaches. Our team is now about 250 Athletes iactive n sports as Swimming, Golf, Bocce Ball, Softball, Bowling, Basketball, and Athletics (Track anf Field). We are currently in Basketball Season and have six normal Basketball Teams, several 3 on 3 teams and a Skills group All Athlete have mental disability and range in age from 8 on up. Only age 12 and above can go to State games. We send athletes to State games 3 times a year and put them up in a hotel and provide meals for 3 days. All transportation is provided by Parents and coaches. It is a fantastic group, and would say the Best Special Olympics Team in the State of Texas. You may check us out on facebook at “Katy Wolfpack”

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