VMworld Check In

29 08 2010

Well, things didn’t start off so well today. First of all, although it’s great that this year VMware is running regular shuttles between the Moscone and the approved hotels in the area…we struggled trying to actually get on one. No less than three buses passed by the stop outside our hotel, even with the VMware guy trying to flag them down. Well…all of the members of my team were anxious to get registered, so we all decided to begin walking down to the Moscone on foot. Not a terrible walk from the hotel to the conference center…so not the end of the world.

Upon arriving at the Moscone, the line for registration was already quite long, but luckily it got moving pretty fast once the registration opened up. Once we received our badges we made our way down to the materials room to pick up our inevitable schwag bags. Welcome to line #2:

After waiting a few minutes to get in…I got to pick up my bag, but these yahoos didn’t have me down as being a VMUG member…which I most certainly am. Darn it!!! Oh well…hopefully the rest of the week turns out better!




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7 09 2010

OK where’s the meat…?

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