VMWorld 2010!

25 06 2010

I’m getting psyched up about heading to VMWorld again this year. Looking forward to seeing folks that I’ve met over the years and also to get a chance to take a peak at some of the offerings from the many vendors and demonstrators. My focus areas this year… IP Based storage(NFS, iSCSI, etc.), virtualization security and monitoring, and PCI compliancy tools.


NC522SFP and ESX 3.5 U4… Something like oil and water…

25 06 2010

These have been some of the most trying days of my VMware support career thus far… I have been supporting an install of some HP Proliant DL585 G6’s that contain a NC522SFP Dual Port 10Gb Ethernet adapter in them for connection to a NetApp FAS6040 through a Cisco 4900M switch. We had an experience last week where several of these hosts just completely lost communication to the storage through these cards and caused the outage of many customer machines.

Turns out that there is a known issue with the firmware on these cards. I would stay away from them at all costs. I am going to try an alternate Intel model and hope for the best.