A Prayer For Those Less Fortunate

28 02 2010

This is a prayer to all of those in the world detained, sequestered, arrested, or otherwise deprived of the basic liberties of life without just cause, valid reasoning, or even rule of law. May Jesus cradle their souls with his loving arms and may the power of the holy spirit protect them from the persecution and suffering that they may be experiencing. May they have the faith of the lord on their side so that he might fill their hearts with the warmth of his everlasting love and keep them from despair. May god bless those that detain, monitor, and decide the fates of these people with the courage, strength, and wisdom to dispense justice in away that fulfills the “just” root portion of the word. May the lord work his will in these people’s lives and fill their souls with the love that he shows to all his people so that they might treat their brothers and sisters of the world with the dignity, respect, and kindness that the good lord would want to see each of his children dealt with.





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