The Winds of Change

29 10 2009

Well… One of the reasons that I haven’t posted much on here is that I’ve made a rather big change in life lately. Many of my friends and family are already aware of this change, but others might not be…so here it is…

After nearly 12 years of service at KBR, Inc., I’ve decided to part ways with the company and advance my career in another direction. I’ve joined Terremark Worldwide, Inc. as a Shared Systems Engineer. I’ll be moving my family out of the Houston area and up to the Dallas area as their offices are located in Las Colinas in Irving.

It’s a big change for me and although I know that I certainly possess sufficient technical abilities to master any challenge…I’m never one to think that I know everything. Above all else though…working for a company like Terremark, where technology is their core business will in my opinion offer me a better environment in which to grow my skills. KBR, while having been good to my family and I over the years, had gotten technologically and structurally lost in my opinion from an IT perspective. The blame for most of this I lay at the feet of the IT leadership at KBR who in my opinion, were not always up to the challenge of staying in-the-know technologically or ideologically.

I certainly miss all of my former co-workers and the other folks that I had developed relationships with over the years there at KBR. But it’s all water under the bridge now…and I’m very excited to be working for Terremark. I think big things are in store for Terremark in the near future and I look forward to being a part of that bright future.

You can find Terremark on the NASDAQ as TMRK…




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