Day Two…Put a fork in it!

3 09 2009

Well…Day two was very good at VMworld 2009 in San Francisco. I’ve got a few quick hit type thoughts thus far…

The Good:

  • Informative and Valuable Sessions, Breakouts, and Labs
  • Great interaction with Vendors, Peers, and Customers
  • Awesome Information on:
    • Long Distance vMotion
    • vCloud Express (Won’t help my company anytime soon that I can see…but I can feel the potential)
    • Totally Awesome All-In-One Intel Blade System!
    • Really cool technologies demo’d for security, backups, networking, and much more…
  • Great appreciation gatherings
  • VMware Workstation 7 (Awesome! …will elaborate more later)

The BAD:

  • Absolutely HORRENDOUS wireless access…just about everywhere…
  • Really bland, boring, and not very good food
  • Too much emphasis on parts of virtualization that may or may not impact that majority of corporate America in any reasonable timeframe
  • If I hear “cloud” one more time…I’ll puke.
  • Nerds really don’t shower or bathe often enough…I’ll just leave it at that.

But overall a good day. I’ve got some new vids up over on the VMworld 2009 page and I’ll be uploading more great pics and vids later…




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