Official Day #1 In The Books

1 09 2009

A good day today overall.

The keynote this morning was…interesting. I couldn’t stay for all of it because for some reason they overlapped it with the start of sessions! You’d think they wouldn’t do that.

Thoughts? Well…I really like the vCloud Express offering. I really think that will open up a huge new market for consultants, SMBs, and other smaller businesses…but it’s just not an “Enterprise” interesting feature. Really impressive power consumption numbers from the IBM demo…WOW! Major, major, major props to HP for the super tight integration of HP Insight Management into vCenter… (WHY OH WHY CAN’T DELL OPEN MANAGE DO THAT!!!) Otherwise…just more cloud propaganda and the like. Look…the cloud is important and I think it’s the only logical way that things can continue to progress…but it’s not sure thing that we’ll all be running VMware clouds only…and it is very true that VMware makes some major “lock-in” type moves which would sort of scare me if I were pulling the purse strings…but get real…name me one vendor that doesn’t try to “lock-in” its own customers and I’ll show you their bankruptcy filing.

Break-Out session thoughts???

Vizioncore Analyzation and Automation: Mostly a long commercial…but they’ve got some good products and I learned that they made their vConverter product free…so that was cool. I’ll certainly try it out when I get a chance soon. Can’t be any slower than vCenter Enterprise Converter 🙂

vCenter Mobile Access: My thoughts? WHY IN THE BLEEEEP AREN’T WE USING THIS ALREADY!!!! Another reason, although I hesitate to say it, to get a Blackberry. Not that the experience is any better…quite the contrary…but the setup is easier because your BES busts in through your firewall for you. Almost zero configuration. But really…for a free management tool…what a godsend! There’s almost nothing you couldn’t do through this tool as far as your virtual infrastructure is concerned.

Automated Disaster Recovery for Branch Offices: Pretty cool. They showed the upcoming vSphere SRM product and how you can protect multiple vCenters at a single SRM site. We should really be doing this already. We already have the basic infrastructure in place…all it would take would be a little capital investment…can’t be any worse than the check we write to our DR Host every year.

Hypervisor Competitive Differences: Very interesting and I thought very evenly presented and balanced. Ultimate outcome? VMware is still the clear leader and most ready for Enterprise level implementations…but the others are MUCH closer than ever before. I really think this is going to come down to a religious war in the end. Much like Apple and MS…there is no one that is clearly, certainly, without doubt better than the other, and each will have its own strengths and leanings. It’ll ultimately just be a matter of preference and feel. My money’s still on the leader for now though.

One other quick thing… it’s sickening and frightening the amount of MS plants at the conference and on the twitter feeds. You’d think that MS would be busy…I don’t know…like…maybe trying to fix the products that it already makes? I wonder how they’d react if VMware spent a chunk of money and showed up at WinHEC to show off their “virtual hardware”?

I’ve got lots of good pics and a complete video (in several parts) from the Hypervisor comparison breakout session. I’ll get them up as soon as I can…but for now…I’ve got to find something to eat…




One response

2 09 2009

Sounds like a nice summary of the Keynote. Can’t wait to check out the Vids. Although It’s gotta wait until I get home becuse we can’t see the vids from work and it may be late (due to our ill planned DR test build going).
Did I say planned, I meant to say NOT.

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