Nice Dinner and Wayyy Too Late

1 09 2009

Well…were do you eat in Downtown San Fran after 10PM? Not many places apparently. While at an impromptu Tweetup…I ran into one of the folks from Trainsignal. If you’re not familiar with them, they produce a wide variety of high quality training materials and programs for all sorts of current technologies. One of these good folks was Gary Eimerman with whom I also ran the VMworld 2009 “Save The Bay” Fun Run at the Golden Gate Bridge earlier in the afternoon. After the tweetup began to clear out several folks noted that they hadn’t eaten dinner and neither had I so the race was on to find where to go. We all eventually ended up at this place called Oola’s. I had a burger, which was pretty good…slightly pricey…but good, and we all shared some good conversation. Always good to speak and meet with people of like minds and techy backgrounds. But seriously…why aren’t there more restaurants open late in San Fran?

Overall, I think the day was good. I got a lot of good information from the VMworld Scripting Lab 12, and somewhat decent information from the vSphere best practices session…but I was very disappointed in how long it took to get into the Self-Paced labs…Unacceptable! I’ve got some more vids and stuff to post up …but I’m beat and it’ll have to wait til tomorrow. I’ve got to get to bed for the keynote in the morning @ 8AM!!!




One response

1 09 2009

Bet there are more places to eat downtown San Fran than in Houston Late Night. 🙂

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